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 “Together, Tacit”

Together, Tacit aims to inspire creative collaboration between low vision, blind, and sighted individuals to exchange tacit knowledgeTacit knowledge refers to something that one does automatically, after a period where it was learned sequentially. A skill you do in a “flow state” would be considered your tacit knowledge. We all have tacit knowledge, just in different ways. 

For example, if I were to artistically collaborate with a person who is blind or has low vision, I would learn how they reflexively locate form in space,  how contrasting colors placed side by side helps define an edge, and more.  In this way, I would become more informed of this person’s tacit knowledge.

As a sighted individual, I would learn that lack of sight does not mean lack of vision. 


From 2021-2024 I have worked with faculty and students from Penn State College of Engineering and BVI individuals in the community to co-develop a VR/haptic glove that simulates a sense of sculpting in virtual space. Our work is ongoing.  This landing page lead to a dedicated page with more content.


The goal with the "Together, Tacit" project is to use the art making process to connect two people so they need each other to complete a whole. By doing so, their exchange provokes learning, promotes value in difference, and advocates for needed accessibility in designed objects, spaces, and curriculum. Our goal with the device is for it to become a dynamic and affordable tool that can be used in schools, community centers, and hospitals. 

*blind/visually impaired

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