DUST is the first part of The Prince Project. It mines from The Legend of the Golem, a text that inspired Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel, Frankenstein. It is comprised of four quilt patterns that get animated via video production. Together, these forms combined contortions reflect the undulating energy that the Mahral and his assistants summon from the earth to give form from formlessness. They are inspired by these nine words:

1- Atta
2- B’ra
3- Golem
4- Dovek ha-chomer
5- V’sigzor
6- Zeidim
7- Visigzor Zaidim
8- Chaval
9- Torei

Roughly translated: You create a Golem by adhering clay together from the earth. He will command. He will protect and reward human beings. He will pass judgment on wicked people through his actions. They will feel this through the agony of their pain.