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Armor for White Light was made over the course of two years (2012-2014) and cues wearable skins that are built to provide a transformative or healing experience. It is a 10-layer garment sewn from muslin and patterned exclusively for my body. To build the underlayers, intricate line patterns were traced and painted with black ink onto muslin from former drawings. Over 1,000 small rectangular paper forms encrust the outer layers of armor, cut and sewn from various airbrushed drawings I made between 2002-2012.  
Armor for White Light is the wearable "engine" for the larger project: White Light, a quadrant of The Prince Project. In its totality, White Light is a multi-genre installation that includes the still armor, a video called Spillover, and the projection of the video onto a figurative sculpture called Beautiful Mother.  
Image credit: Anna Margush, Eric Margusity 
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