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The Untold Story: Bonnie Collura 1997


Artforum 1997


Art in America 1998


Sculpture Magazine 1998


The New York Times 1998

The Star Telegram 1998

Flash Art 1998


Officina America 1999


3 Räume, 3Flüsse, Catalog 1999

Dallas Museum of Art Catalog 1999

Paper Magazine 2000


Tema Celeste 2000


The New Yorker 2000


New York Village Voice 2000


Boston Globe 2001

About the Bayberry Bush Catalog 2001


Köln Skulpture 3, 2002

The New York Times; January 2003

The New York Times; September 2003

Time Out New York 2003

Artnews 2003

Blueprint 2003

Beautiful Decay 2006


Symptom of Beauty 2006

Sculpture Magazine 2007


Chautauquan Daily 2010


Penn State News 2010


The Hindu 2010


End of Days 2012


Biomorph! Arp Museum 2012


Star Tribune 2013


Disturbing Innocence curated by Eric Fischl 2014

Fuseform: 20 years of work by Bonnie Collura 2015

Bonnie Collura to Discuss Three Ongoing Sculpture Projects in Evening Lecture 2017

Collura's Work Featured in Three Upcoming Solo Exhibitions 2017

Patchwork. Kustera Projects Red Hook 2017

Baltimore's Ten Must-See Fall Exhibits 2017

Borderline curated by the REMIX 2018

Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials. Palmer Museum of Art 2018

Press Release: Prince at Smack Mellon 2019

Collura Rejuvenates Decade Old Project with New York Gallery Exhibit 2019 

Prince: Catalog of Work 2019

New York Times 2019 

Engineering Students Draw Inspiration from Art to test COVID-19 Biomedical Device 2021

Collura Receives International Teaching Award 2021

Sculpture Magazine Cover September/October 2021

Mutable Bodies: A Conversation with Bonnie Collura  Sculpture Magazine 2021

Highly Crafted Weird Science from a Celebrated Sculptor, Buffalo Spree 2022


Mutable Bodies Exhibition Catalog Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center 2022 

Tactile Perceptions Press Release 2022

Reimagining the Visual Arts- "Together, Tacit" speaks with On Tech & Vision Podcast- 2023

A Note from Neeli: Fostering Interdisciplinary Research to Drive Positive Change-2024

Visually Impaired Artists Part of New Exhibit at Contemporary Art Center; FOX19 news- 2024

Penn State's Haptic Tech Brings Art to Visually Impaired; CBS 21 news- 2024






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