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SEVEN cues the number seven, and its reappearance in legend, religion, mysticism, and contemporary narrative. As a series, it is comprised of seven figural triads that weave tropes signifying a vice, a virtue, and an emotional state. As a series, they are trying to balance two opposing forces- chaos and composure within a body that flexes between being in a state of unrest, or in the process of becoming.

Similar to how optical illusion drawings function (where a set of contours optically morph to reveal two different characters), different viewers will see different things in each Seven figure. Unlike the illusionistic drawings, these figures attempt to “shift” in a more subversive way. Why would we interpret a figurative work to be emboldened?  Why do we label a gesture as lustful? How does digital image manipulation of bodies train us to define identity? How could sculptural representation be used to make people slow down, connect with the unknowingness of a body in transition, and perhaps offer a place of reflection to question why, or how, we label others? These queries consume my mind as I sculpt these seven triads:

Doc/Pride/Humility, Grumpy/Wrath/Patience, Sleepy/Sloth/Diligence, Dopey/Greed/Liberality,  Bashful/Lust/Chastity, Sneezy/Envy/Kindness, and Happy/Gluttony/Abstinence.
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