SEVEN is a part of The Prince Project that follows WICKED. In WICKED, the Prince figure is revealed to the audience as mashed form, similar to the Creation in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  SEVEN is a grouping of figures that cue the number seven and its uncanny reappearance in legend, religion, and mysticism.  Each SEVEN character  is a triad made up of a vice, a virtue, and a dwarf from Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Seven triads are: 
Doc/Pride/Humility, Grumpy/Wrath/Patience, Sleepy/Sloth/Diligence, Dopey/Greed/Liberality,  Bashful/Lust/Chastity, Sneezy/Envy/Kindness, and Happy/Gluttony/Abstinence.